Our Story

Technically speaking - pun intended - Vento Networks entered the field of IT services in 2002. The idea for a family business, however, began with a dream many years ago - and that dream belonged to a beautiful lady who passed on her passion for entrepreneurship to her children.

Life took two of her three children (John and Linda) on a different road, but Rick - founder and now partner of Vento Networks - never forgot the blueprint she left as part of her legacy.

In every sense, this company is a tribute to Henrietta Vento - our mom.

Putting Your Company First

We believe in being accessible. We have more than 30 years of experience in the IT field and offer a wide range of services. Our business model is such that we strive to offer timely IT services to reduce inconveniences and downtime for you. When you are looking for solid networking services and IT support, count on us to have your back.

A Little About the Team

Rick Vento

John Vento

The old man of the team - "The Chief" - brings to the group a special skill set which he developed from his degree in criminal justice and 20 years in the Navy. Unfortunately, he doesn't remember what it is, and we can't figure it out! You can still catch glimpses of his razor-sharp mind (or butter-knife, depending on the day) that once played its role at the height of the Cold War. The Chief runs our day-to-day operations and keeps everyone on task. That is, when we can find him! He's taken to moving from restaurant to restaurant, ostensibly to hide from his former "Cold War enemies," but we think it's just to sample all the Valley Cuisine. He can still be reached at 956-821-0510 if you have any questions or computer needs.

Apple had Steve Jobs. Microsoft had Bill Gates. But only Vento Networks can boast of having Rick. He is the company founder, inspiration and tech guru. Sure the "other companies" may have billions, but Rick brings much more to the table. He started as an entry-level tech 28 years ago and worked to earn the coveted certification of Microsoft Systems Engineer. It was 16 years ago that Rick planted the seed for what was to become Vento Networks. To say the rest is history would leave out some of the more salient contributions he has made. No one brings more style or possesses a greater sense of humor than Rick. He is, in short, the face of Vento Networks. call him at 956-655-7958 for any network or computer-related questions or problems.

Ed Vento

Our youngest partner, Ed, was recruited to the company from the glitz and glamour of West Palm beach, Florida where he was using his degree in English as a journalist for the Palm Beach Post. His addition to the then-nascent tech company that would become Vento Networks was perfect timing, as his transition from journalist to computer tech took no time at all. Computer networking just came naturally to him. Within a year, he was in charge of our largest client. He is also not shy about telling us he is not only the "best tech" in the group, but also the "best-looking" - something that adds hours of entertainment at our morning meetings. Ed can be reached at 956-655-0599 for technical support.